What lies in the idea of artificial intelligence?

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Scientific research into AI has been going on for more than half a century, but still, not everyone understands the essence of the technology. In science fiction novels and films, writers and directors depict how dangerous artificial intelligence can be. And for many, the idea of artificial intelligence is formed in exactly this way.

How can AI improve our skills?

Contrary to popular belief that AI will replace humans in all jobs, we can only expect a higher degree of integration between humans and machines in the coming years. Such cooperation will definitely be useful for humans. As accessibility increases, AI will improve our cognitive skills and abilities, as well as improve overall productivity and decision-making efficiency.

Artificial intelligence programs can do the following:

  • calculate the maximum number of possible solutions to one situation;
  • answer any questions that are integrated into their system;
  • constantly absorb, process and combine even unrelated pieces of information.

AI makes it easier and faster to create content for different platforms: technologies help quickly create videos for social networks, dialogues for radio advertising, nudification content and images for street billboards.

Nudify – the best way to undress a girl based on a photo

All of the undressing tools use technology to generate deep fakes; that is, they generate fake photos. Neural networks do not have the ability to actually remove clothing, but they are capable of creating realistic images of naked girls. To do this, they are trained on thousands of photographs of naked models. When you upload a photo to the service, it analyzes your body shape, skin color, and breast size and tries to create an image that represents what the girl looks like without clothes.

Nudify uses the same algorithms as deep nude services and produces similar results, but it offers almost half as many payment options. It is important to note that nudify ensures complete confidentiality, not storing any processed nudes or original images.

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