Why Should You Place Your Ads on Backpage?

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– Access to Potential Customers: When you place adverts on Backpage, you open the door to the prospect of reaching millions of people who could end up being your clients. Backpage is constantly ranked among the top websites that receive the most visitors all across the world wide web.


– Free of Charge: Backpage does not charge users to publish classified advertisements on their website. Let’s imagine you’re attempting to sell your property, and you decide to place an ad on Backpage.com. You won’t get paid to post the advertisement; instead, think of it as free money that will allow you to contact potential customers.


– Convenient Availability: Backpage may be accessed in the vast majority of the countries on the world. With more than 300 million users, there is a good possibility that you will be able to locate someone who is interested in purchasing your good or service.


– Extremely High Volume: Each day, more than 5 million advertisements are uploaded on Backpage. This gives you access to billions of prospective customers that could buy your product.


– A High Rate of Conversions You are able to quickly measure the number of people that come to your advertising as well as the amount of time that they spend looking at your ads. Having knowledge of these indicators enables you to improve your advertisements and raise your rate of conversion.


– The ability to target particular audiences with your backpage classified ads gives you the ability to target specific audiences based on age, gender, hobbies, and more.


– CPM bidding: Since advertising on Backpage begin at one dollar, there is no need for anybody to examine the ad because it is so inexpensive. The proposals are evaluated based on their cost per thousand (CPM).


Backpage Drawbacks


– Due to concerns over legality, the website was taken offline by the federal authorities in December of 2016, and all advertisements were removed. In addition to that, they brought accusations against the operators. In January of 2018, a federal court found the proprietors of the website guilty of the charges against them, and the court sentenced them to pay a fine of $ 75 million.


Backpage is accessible from any computer or smart phone, making it a convenient resource for users. If there ever comes a day when the authorities decide they want to close down the site, they will.


– Scam Ads: There are also numerous frauds on the website that are aimed to fool people into purchasing things like gold and other useless commodities. These scams may be found in the form of advertisements on the website.


Backpage is the only location where users may post classified advertising for anything, which means that anybody can access it. This presents an increased risk.


– Low-Quality Advertising: The majority of people who post ads on Backpage are seeking to sell commodities such as gold, electronics, and other low-cost items. The quality of these ads is low.


– Google and Facebook: As a result of the scandal surrounding Backpage, many owners of micro-businesses have discovered that they are forced to discontinue their advertising campaigns on Google and Facebook.

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