What should you do with your cars in GTA 5?

GTA 5 mobile has a lot of features. However, cars will be the highlight in all games from the developers of GTA. So, let us discuss what could you do with your cars in GTA 5.

Insuring your car

In real life, you will insure your cars. The same goes for virtual reality in GTA 5. If you own a car in your game, it is better to get insurance for it. There will be some rules for getting your car insured. There should be a tracker fitted in your car. Either you can buy this tracker from LS Customs or you can get it naturally when you park it on the property that you own. Insurance will provide you a decent new car of the same model whenever there is an accident to it or you have lost it. If someone steals your car, you can get a new one using your insurance along with a small fee. If you wish to claim insurance for your car, you would have to pay the insurance premium similar to real-life occasions.

Preventing your car

As you are allowed to steal other character’s cars or motorbike without their permission, the same will be applicable for other characters also. So, you should do everything possible to safeguard it when you do not have insurance for it. But you need not get or buy anything specific in the game to keep your car safe. Instead, you should change the permission to operate your car from the interaction menu itself.

Buy a garage

It is advisable to buy a garage or a small place to make use of it in several ways. Let us assume that you have a car that does not have a tracker. So, you could not claim insurance for it. But once you buy a garage or some other property, your car will get the tracker by default when you park it there. Also, you can use this garage to prevent yourself from people who are searching for you to attack or harm you in some ways.

Make money with cars

Cars are not only for reaching your destinations by road but also to make money when you are in tough situations financially in the game. GTA 5 offers an option to sell your luxury cars in mod shops located somewhere else for a reasonable price. You can take a car from anyone else or buy your own car. When you take it to the garage, you can sell it for a profit. Some factors make it a worthy buy and profitable sell. You should know these before you buy or sell your car. If you have a decent-looking car of a high-end model, you can be sure of selling it in the future. The GPS option in the game will be helpful to find the location of the garage or mod shop. However, there are some restrictions to sell more cars at once.

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