What is a London tantric massage and how does it work? Uncovering the Facts

An erotic and sensual massage that also has a significant philosophic component, the Tantric massage is by definition sexual and sensuous. People believe that when they are sexually pleased they may reach more pleasure and progress more quickly. Although London tantric massage does not include penetration, it can cause orgasms in certain people. It should be highlighted that the practice’s primary purpose is not to induce orgasm, but rather to learn how to activate and channel the sexual energy, Kundalini, throughout the whole body. Yet another common misunderstanding is that Tantric massage follows a set of rigid guidelines that must be followed at all times. This is simply not true, and you may find yourself experiencing a London tantric massage that is very different from any Tantric massage you have previously gotten.

On a more practical level, London tantric massage is a full-body sensual massage that involves rubbing both the male and female sexual organs, which are referred to as Yoni (the female sexual organ) and Lingam (the male sexual organ) respectively (the male sexual organ). However, as previously stated, sexual fulfillment is not the primary purpose of the sessions and is instead seen as an extra bonus. Also noteworthy about London tantric massage is that it should be pleasurable for the provider as well – because it is such an intimate form of touching, it is typically (but not always) performed from one partner to another, but many studios employ professionals who are highly skilled and capable of providing excellent Tantric massage as well. For the provider to effectively channel the sexual energy and bring more joy to the receiver, it is critical that they touch the receiver in a manner that is pleasing to the receiver as well. It is also considerably milder and lighter than the touch used in conventional “deep tissue” massage, and the experience is one of relaxation and connection with the provider rather than pain or discomfort.

It is also crucial to note that any and every area of the body may be touched during aLondon tantric massage – this is because sensual receptors can be found all over our bodies and the Yoni and the Lingam are not the only two parts that need to be massaged since they are located all over our bodies.

London tantric massage requires both the provider and the receiver to cooperate in such a manner that they learn to totally trust the giver and relax up entirely in order to reap the full benefits. However, although this may seem to be a simple job, many individuals have difficulty “letting go” completely because they feel exposed during the sessions; this situation might be solved by learning some of the breathing methods that can help the receiver relax and enjoy the experience completely. If the two individuals are not romantically involved, they might come to an agreement on what is acceptable and comfortable for both of them in advance.

Tantric massage has been around for more than five thousand years, and while it is a relatively recent phenomenon in Western nations, it is quickly rising in popularity. Its advantages are well-documented and extensive, and apart from providing total relaxation, stress alleviation, and a delightful sensation, it may be utilized between lovers as well as as a component of their personal life.

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