What Are Your Options For Payment When You sell cracked iphone?

There is a plethora of payment methods available to Recell.io users. You won’t get your money the second you sell your broken iPhone, but you may expect to call it a day after, sometimes even in a week. The first is using the widely used service PayPal. Two weeks is typical for a check to reach its destination. You may pay with money or a balance in your account.

There Are Two Options For Receiving Compensation

You should first verify the working order of your iPhone before advertising it for sale if it has a cracked screen. Even if it only has a few dings and scrapes, you may still sell cracked iphone item on our site. However, we cannot buy your item from you if it has incurred severe damage, such as water damage or an unrecoverable hardware problem. Because sending it back for repair would negate the purchase’s purpose.


With PayPal, you may take payments through various payment types, including major credit cards, debit cards, and even bank transfers. Customers may buy your damaged iPhone from you without disclosing any personal information in the process. Many individuals feel comfortable using Paypal because of its popularity and ease of use. Thus, it may be the best option if you want your customers to pay without providing personal information.


Paying with a check is the most time-consuming option. It would be best if you allowed our office up to seven days to process and mail your cheque. Customers should think about this before picking on a payment method. Customers outside the US, UK, and Canada cannot pay through check. A checking account is not required since we will mail your bill.


Payment in hard currency, such as cash, is often made immediately. Prices may be sent to you by PayPal or a traditional bank wire, whichever you want. Once Recell has received your device, we will give you payment information. ` Payments may be made in any currency to any country with access to PayPal or a bank that processes international wire transfers.

Deductions From Future Payments

Account credit is the best method to receive compensation for a broken phone. Account credit may buy phones, accessories, and presents. If you’re unsure what equipment you want, account credit is a good gift card option. Account credit is useful if you want to upgrade but don’t have the money. Buy a new phone with our flexible payment options and receive doorstep delivery in 24 hours.

Payment Methods Include PayPal, Checks, Cash, And Account Credits

Your choice of payment methods for selling your broken iPhone to recell includes PayPal, credit card, or cheque. Alternatively, you may recycle it or sell its components. Shipping an iPhone purchased via Recell is a breeze. After completing out an online evaluation form with all the information we need to confirm your purchase, you must pack and deliver the item using our prepaid label.


You may choose between direct deposit and a paper check when selling a broken iPhone to Recell. The most common choice is to pay with cash because of how quickly and easily it can be obtained. Our expert staff in California or Texas processes your equipment the same day it arrives and sends money the next business day. We’re one of the few companies offering this service, therefore we can charge more.

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