What are the tips for measuring ring size from a ring size chart?

Want to look beautiful at your anniversary party? Or do you perhaps want to attract the spotlight towards you at your kid’s birthday function? For either situation, Hong Factory has the best-suited rings that will surely add a good touch of charm to your beautiful frame. Hong Factory has tips to measure the ring size perfectly along with steps to follow to measure the ring size with the help of a ring size chart.

Tips to measure ring size with the help of a ring size chart


Measurement tips:


  1. If you are making use of a ring to measure the size, make sure the ring is fitted perfectly to your curves and do not look loose or slip down the finger at any point.
  1. If you are measuring directly through the finger then what part of the day is most suitable? The evening or after that when the temperature of your finger is warm. If you measure when the sun is up, the temperature is down and your whole body including fingers are cold, their skin may shrink and the size will reduce. The following action will automatically result in you getting a wrong-sized ring for your finger.
  1. We all know there are variations in the sizes of the ring structure. Some may be thick while some may be thinner. When you use a thicker ring to measure the size but want to buy a thinner one, get a size smaller, not much but smaller. Why? Thicker rings require spaces to move and adjust while thinner ones, usually require small spaces and can easily move around however they like.
  1. Buy a ring only if it is fitting perfectly on your finger. Buying a bigger one will help you lose it as there will be Multiple situations where it can slip off. Likewise, if you buy a smaller one, it is obvious it won’t go in easily and create problems for you. To stay away from the unwanted pain and to flex about your new ring, make sure the size you choose is suitable and not inaccurate.


How to measure the ring size with the help of a ring size chart?


The guidelines are separated into two different methods, follow the one that suits you best from below:

  • If you have a ring with yourself that suits the person who you are buying a ring for, then that’s great. If not, and instead you have managed to get the ring then that’s good too. What you have to do is, go on the website, navigate to the page that has a ring size chart on it and measure the diameter and mm of the ring then check it on the ring size chart.
  • If you do not have a ring, measure the ring finger for which you are buying the ring and note down the measurements. Then check on the ring size chart at Hong Factory official website to calculate the accurate measurement.

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