What Are The Key Factors To Be Considered While Looking For Car Subwoofers?

Subwoofers are the systems which makes a massive difference in the good sounding and great sounding system. Usually, car speakers are small in size, and it does not provide a level of bass to your music. So there is trouble in producing low-frequency sound. Sub boxes are best to reproduce low frequencies for a wide variety of music you listen to.

Whether you are fond of soft music or loud, the quality of sound acts on your overall listening experience. Thus installing a car subwoofer to your vehicle provides you with the right bass level and superior audio effects. In other words, we can say it put life on your music list. But before buying a sub box, you should take into consideration the following points-

Frequency range

Frequency range means a link between Hz and bass. The lower the Hz of your system, the deeper the bass it reproduces. It goes deeper to the level when you just feel the bass, not hear it. Thus whenever you find a speaker or car sub box rating with low Hz, it means it can reproduce the bass to the deepest in most music genres. The performance of the car woofer also depends on the box in which it is mounted in.


It is also one of the essential factors to be considered. The sensitivity of a sub mainly affects the power it requires to produce the sound. If the sub you choose has higher sensitivity, it requires less power to produce a sound than a lower sensitivity rating sub. Thus you should choose the sub box with higher rating sensitivity.

Enclosure type

The enclosure in which the sub box is mounted highly affects the quality of sound it produces. There are two types of enclosures of sub box, i.e., ported enclosure and sealed enclosure. The ported enclosures are best known for their high volume. But if you are looking for high quality and most resonant sound effects, sealed boxes are the best option.


If you are a person who likes loud and profound music, you must look at or sub box with high power. The best way to look for high powered sub box is to check the RMS ratings rather than peak powered rating. RSM ratings measure the more realistic measures of power handling and output than the peak power. Thus before you made the final purchase pay attention to RSM ratings and whether it can handle the power output of the amplifier.

Number of voice coils

If you are a car music enthusiast and want more flexible wiring of sound system dual voice coil works best for you. The dual voice coil uses separate voice coils linked with its connection. One is connected to a standard cone, and the other is mounted on one cylinder.

Size of the sub box

The size of the woofer hardly affects the sound effects. You should pay more attention to available power, sensitivity, number of voice coils, enclosure type, etc.

These are vital factors you must consider while ordering the sub box for your car system.

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