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Owing to the internet boom, we have seen a considerable change in the gaming world. The availability of new and innovative gadgets has led to the emergence of online gaming. According to current statistics, out of the entire world population, 1M+ people are online gamers. Though online gaming is primarily considered a source of entertainment it has other contributions as well. Gaming developers try their best to provide the best gaming platforms in the market. As a result, LivePool fixture and GetMega have come into being. These gaming platforms provide a wide range of online games that attract gaming enthusiasts. 

Since every individual has their own set of preferences, gaming developers have incorporated a variety of games to cater to the needs of every player. From action-packed games and skill-based games to sports-related games and casino games, modern-day online gaming platforms cover every genre. These gaming genres not only invite a diverse range of users to participate in the different contests but also enhance the interpersonal skills and cognitive response within a person. While we are discussing online gaming platforms and the games they offer, let’s take LivePool fixture and GetMega into consideration.  

LivePool fixture 

LivePool fixture is an online gaming app that features popular sports-related games like cricket and football. Recognised as a fantasy sports app, it assures verified and real players to register on its portal. Here individuals can opt for matches, create teams, select preferred players and compete against other contestants. With LivePool fixture, contestants can ace up their spots. They can also leverage and formulate productive strategies after understanding the gameplay. This app also provides leaderboards that help people to track their performance. Also, by securing the highest ranks on the leaderboards, gamers can win exciting rewards and prizes. 

LivePool fixture with its brilliant User Interface offers a higher degree of satisfaction to the gamers. Also, the intuitive gameplay of this app has made it to the summit in the world of fantasy gaming. LivePool fixture also provides referral bonuses when participants play the various tournaments and let others join the portals as well. Individuals can get cash money as a referral reward when they ask their friends to join the platform. Once you register with this app, you can also get a sign-up bonus as an incentive. With required certifications, Liverpool fixture provides a safe and secure online gaming platform to users. 


Recognised as a member of the All India Gaming Federation, GetMega is an online gaming platform. Based on the categories (Casual, Cards and Trivia), this app offers a wide range of games including Carrom, Warship, Dots & Dash, GoPool, Poker, Rummy, GK and PickMe. Like many other gaming platforms, GetMega is also bot-free. This means it allows only real players to register with its portal via Facebook and Google IDs. With GetMega, players can take part in various tournaments and contests and win exciting prizes. This app also features 24×7 leaderboards based on the various games. These leaderboards allow users to keep a track of their performance as well as their competitor’s. Further, if a player gets any spot among the first 10 ranks in the leaderboards he/she will be awarded gold coins, mobile phones and more. 

GetMega comes with a clean and user-friendly user interface that sets an amazing gaming experience for the users. By featuring both horizontal and vertical gameplays, the app makes it easy for individuals to interact with all the games. Also, GetMega has amazing referral programs. On inviting a friend, one can get Rs.10 as a referral reward. Further, the app gives Rs. 5 to individuals who sign up with the platform for the first time. Certified by RNG, GetMega uses its Random Number Generator and shuffle mechanics which provides the security of the highest standards. 

Online gaming platforms offering diverse genres of games have gained quite a reputation among players. So, if you want to explore a variety of games, download LivePool and GetMega.

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