Things You Should Know Before Buying Instagram Followers

Do you want to grow your Instagram account quickly? Do you need likes, comments, and followers for that perfect selfie? If so, then it might be tempting to buy some followers. There are many websites out there that offer this service.

However, buying followers is not a good idea for many reasons. We will go over few things you should know before buying Instagram followers {seguidores instagram} in the following blog posts!


– The first thing to consider is that you are not getting “real” followers. When people buy Instagram accounts, they often think that it’s a good idea also to purchase likes and comments from the same vendor as this will give their account more legitimacy in terms of social signals.

This makes sense, right? But, unfortunately, these services do not come with real people behind them! They can provide some quality engagement, but nothing compares to organic posts by real users who love your brand or product.

– Another downside is that when you first post something on Instagram after buying followers, your post might be overwhelmed by all activity coming from the fake accounts purchased for you.

It may seem like an amazing way at first glance because suddenly, several thousand new people have seen what you posted, but it isn’t.

Unfortunately, this is exactly what happens when Instagram accounts are hacked or bought illegally, so it will reflect poorly on your business if this occurs because no one wants to follow an account that seems fake and spammy!

– So how can you tell the difference between real followers and bots? You cannot always, but there are some clues like poor spelling (bots don’t care about proper English), generic comments all over the place (bots aren’t creative), profile information with links leading to third-party websites, etc…

– Another thing to consider is that buying Instagram followers could jeopardize your online presence. For example, you buy a ton of fake likes, hoping they will help boost your SEO efforts in Google by increasing page rank.

Well, those likes might hurt your website or blog because Google knows you bought them and therefore considers it as spam. If enough fake accounts interact with your posts, then Google will eventually penalize your site for trying to manipulate search results!

Why Be Careful With Fake Followers?

If all of this isn’t convincing enough to be careful when buying Instagram followers, let’s talk about why they do not last very long anyway. One reason is that Instagram bots are getting blocked by the social media giant regularly, so these will likely go away soon too…

But even if they don’t get caught, people who buy from third-party websites often provide their login information, allowing hackers to take over entire accounts!

At first glance, everything is normal, but when an actual person logs in, they are shocked to see all the posts and followers they suddenly have – from a bot service!


Bottom Line:

In conclusion, you should never buy Instagram followers because there are many potential downsides, and most likely, they won’t work the way you expect them to.

We hope this blog post has helped convince anyone considering buying Instagram accounts that it is not a good idea always!

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