The Role Of Wade Kricken  In Property Development And Construction Projects

Real estate development and construction projects can be complex, involving numerous legal issues and regulatory requirements. A real estate attorney with experience in property development and construction law can provide invaluable guidance and representation throughout the entire process, from planning and financing to construction and completion. In this article, we will take a closer look at the role of a real estate attorney in property development and construction projects.

The Process Of Zoning And Planning

Checking the property’s zoning and acquiring any required permits are prerequisites before beginning construction. Wade kricken specializing in real estate law can be of great assistance to clients throughout the planning and zoning phases, guiding them through the maze of regulations and ensuring they receive all the necessary permits. Working with local planning commissions and zoning boards, dealing with regulatory agencies, and resolving any legal difficulties that come up throughout the planning process can all be part of this process.

Crafting Agreements And Conducting Discussions

Financing, employing contractors, and drafting contracts become priorities when planning and zoning are finalized. A real estate lawyer may help with contract negotiations and writing to make sure all parties are protected and that the agreement is reasonable and fair. This may entail investigating loan papers, building contracts, and other legal agreements for potential problems and then negotiating fixes.

Indicators Of Environmental Compliance

It is essential that building and development initiatives adhere to environmental regulations. Environmental issues, including as hazardous chemicals, water and air quality, and wetlands protection, are subject to a wide range of restrictions, and Wade kricken may assist clients make sense of them. This may entail coordinating with relevant authorities to secure necessary permissions and approvals, as well as researching and planning solutions to any unforeseen environmental concerns that may occur during construction.

The assistance of a knowledgeable real estate attorney is invaluable for anyone engaged in a property development or construction project. Locate a lawyer that specializes in construction and real estate law and have a detailed conversation about your plans. Having a skilled lawyer on your side will help keep your project on track and safeguard your interests. Don’t take any chances with your property development endeavor. Get the help you need from a real estate lawyer right away by calling one.

Conflicts During Construction

However well you plan and negotiate, disagreements are inevitable in the construction industry. A real estate lawyer who is well-versed in construction law can assist clients in finding efficient and economical solutions to their legal conflicts. This may require liaising with contractors, bringing legal action, or representing clients in alternative dispute resolution mechanisms like mediation or arbitration. Involvement of a competent attorney helps clients safeguard their interests and keeps initiatives on schedule.


Due to legal requirements, real estate development and building projects can be challenging. An skilled real estate attorney who is also familiar with property development and construction laws can give clients peace of mind. From site study and zoning suggestions to contract negotiations and environmental compliance, a real estate lawyer is important. To safeguard your interests and achieve your goals when developing or building on existing land, consult a real estate attorney.

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