Raising the teenager Driving Age to 18

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This information is made to enhance the worry about teen driving fatalities and what you can do to drastically reduce this alarming statistic. Although this article might be responsive to some readers in a few industries, we wish to enhance the question regarding what you can do to create our teens better motorists and the way to alert others on the highway that the motorist is driving.

Our previous article elevated the issue of if the driving age in the united states must be elevated to age 18. With increased teen fatalities on the highway every year than the quantity of deaths reported from 9/11, we have to consider changes to the laws and regulations governing teen driving. From another perspective you could state that the amount of teen deaths on the highway within the U.S. are more than the amount of deaths reported of U.S. soldiers pre and post world war 2 in Iraq! Are our roads a battleground?

The Nation’s Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported 3,657 motorists aged 15-20 years wiped out in 2003. In 2002, the amount wiped out within the same age groups was 3,827. While you might never make light of 9/11, let’s consider the quantity of energy, government changes, money, war – to mention only a couple of – help with after 9/11. If perhaps a small fraction of this energy had been administered towards the teen driving problem, possibly we’re able to have reduced teen driving related deaths in 2002 and 2003 – an astounding total of seven,484.

Following is really a combined statement from

– Gordon Booth, Chief Instructor of Drivetrain, Corporation. in California, http://world wide web.drivetrainusa.com, and

– Eddie Wren of Drive and remain Alive in New You are able to, http://world wide web.driveandstayalive.com, regarding our teen driving problem:

“Research in a number of countries has proven not just that the more youthful individuals are when linked with emotions . drive the greater the likelihood of getting a significant or fatal crash inside the newbie of driving, but additionally that the youthful person’s mental abilities are not full-grown until after teenage have passed, which this, consequently, also reduces a youthful person’s abilities like a safe driver.

Knowledge and then any genuine need to safeguard youthful people both undeniably dictate that it’s better if teenagers don’t begin to drive until they’re a minimum of 17 or preferably 18 years of age.

It’s noticeable when parents holds back a lady for six several weeks, so they don’t start driving until 17 or 18, the other sees them mature a minimum of 12 several weeks. With males a restrain of approximately annually equals a maturity increase of approximately 6 several weeks.”

Inexperience, high risk behavior, and immaturity are reported as primary causes of these accidents. Growing the driving age to 18 wouldn’t always change the 3 primary reasons. Therefore, we have to consider other possible solutions too, like the driving education process itself.

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