Priceless Tips To Use Fake Ids

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From driving to entering bars, fake id help young students experience everything that they would otherwise miss out on. For students who are just out of school or in the initial years of university, socializing is an important part of their lives. 

Everyone wants to hang out with their ‘cool gangs’ and experience the thrill of taking part in forbidden activities without getting caught. If you are planning on using a fake id for any reason, here are some tips that would help you accomplish it without getting caught. 

  • Are passed down ids safe?

Many students have the notion that they can borrow a friend’s old id to be safer. This way, you have a real id, although it is not yours. One should be careful while using such ids. The person’s photo on the id may hardly resemble your face features. Also, cops and bouncers can easily spot old ids. If the borrowed id has a picture with freckles on the face and you don’t, forget getting an entry into the bar for the night! Try to pick an id where the photo resembles your face shape, hair color, and other features that cops, bouncers tend to notice.

  • Ordering online

There are several websites online through which you can get fake ids. However, do your research before ordering your fake id from a website. You do not want to get scammed. Look for websites that specifically mention that their ids pass the backlight test. With a professional fake id service, you will submit your picture and address. Thus, there is no chance of mismatch in detail. If the website provides anonymous payment options, consider it a bonus. Some websites even dispatch two ids so that you have a duplicate in case you lose one. 

  • Are you going as a group?

Many a time, young people try to get in as a large group. In such cases, there are higher chances of you’re the bouncer scrutinizing your ids. To play it safe, you can go by yourself. But, what a boring thing would that be, right! You are entering a bar, not a library. So, another safe option is to go with your partner. Bouncers are less likely to get suspicious over a young couple than a loud gang of youngsters, all of whom possibly possess fake ids!

  • The fancy high-end restaurants and bars

If you are a rich spoilt kid, a safe option to use your fake id is a high-end restaurant. Generally, restaurants that have a posh ambiance do not card their customers. They take customer service very seriously. So, rich kids can exploit it to get a pass. The only downside is that you will be paying way more money for everything you eat/drink than you would at a local bar. 

Getting a fake id is not the hardest thing. You should be aware of how to use it to reduce your chances of getting caught responsibly. Keep it safe, and enjoy life!

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