Oxford Academy: A Premier Boarding School in CT

Connecticut, the land of the Ivy League schools and the traditional boarding institutions, houses many top-performing educational centres. Among them, Oxford Academy in Westbrook, CT, stands out for a variety of reasons. Established in 1906, Oxford Academy offers a rigorous college-preparatory education to students with learning differences and specialized needs. Unlike the typical boarding school, Oxford Academy prioritizes personalized learning, small class sizes, and comprehensive student support. Let’s explore why Oxford Academy ct private schools is worth considering for your child’s academic journey.

Personalized Education Approach

Oxford Academy’s educational philosophy revolves around individualized and progressive learning techniques. Each student’s strengths, weaknesses, and learning preferences are integrated into lesson plans, resulting in an exceptional educational experience tailored to each student’s needs. Oxford Academy offers a small student-teacher ratio of 3:1, ensuring personalized attention to each student, leading to increased learning outcomes. The student-centric approach teaches students self-advocacy skills, independence, and empowers them to embrace their unique learning style.

Specialized Program for Learning Differences

Oxford Academy specializes in catering to students with learning differences such as dyslexia, ADD/ADHD, and other challenges, providing an ideal learning environment. Their curriculum and specialized programs cater to the unique learning styles, creating a highly successful and effective learning environment. To support students, Oxford Academy provides the core classes and additional programs like art, music, drama, sports, and outdoor activities to ensure a well-rounded education. The school’s open-door policy and supportive culture creates an inclusive community that fosters growth, learning, and success.

High-end college placement

Oxford Academy is collated with state-of-the-art college placement guidance. The school provides highly personalized support to students and parents to navigate the college application process. The college counsellors focus on the student’s unique interests, career aspirations, and the best academic fit. The school’s personalized learning approach empowers students with skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, and effective communication, which prepares them for college and future careers. Oxford Academy alumni have been accepted into ivy league schools and other top universities, making the school a noteworthy choice for parents seeking quality education for their children.

Comprehensive Support System

Oxford Academy focuses on more than basic education. The school’s extensive support system ensures that each student receives the appropriate therapeutic services that boost their academic and personal growth. The support system includes programs such as speech-language therapy, occupational therapy, individualized tutoring and counseling, and psychology services to address the diverse needs of students. Oxford Academy also provides a supportive environment that enables students to develop character traits such as empathy, respect, social responsibility, and leadership.

Beautiful location and world-class facilities

Oxford Academy is located on a 57-acre campus situated between the Connecticut River and the Long Island Sound, providing an idyllic natural environment. The school’s stunning waterfront campus boasts impressive facilities, including a modern science center, fully-equipped gym, library, and well-furnished dormitories. The campus also features numerous recreational opportunities such as hiking, fishing, and sailing, providing students with an all-around education.


In conclusion, Oxford Academy is a standout institution among Connecticut’s boarding schools. Its personalized learning, specialized programs, high-end college guidance, comprehensive support system, and breathtaking campus set it apart from the rest. If you are looking for a school that provides your child with the tools to succeed academically and personally, Oxford Academy is an excellent choice. The school’s community and its culture of respect, mutual support, and acceptance foster personal development, making it an ideal environment for students with specialized needs. Enrolling your child at Oxford Academy may be one of the best decisions you can make for their educational journey.

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