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Crypt of Fortune 

It is a fortune-based game in which there are 3-row and 6-reel. It also features a wild sticky symbol game which lets you earn multiplier wins. This symbol will enhance multiplier winnings and give you a lot of bonuses. Now spin 3 scatter and trigger your winning 10 times.

This is another interesting megagame, which is quite popular among online players. In this game there is one world popular adventurer who loves to go to different parts of the world, her name is Raider jane. She is famous and known worldwide for her wonderful expedition. She is using all her techniques to meet her lost parents. This adventurer is not only famous for traveling but she is also known for her writing skills, she has written multiple best-selling books, her books are loved by a lot of readers. It is a game of excitement and fun for all the players.

In most of her novels, she has explained adventures in detail and their dangerous parts. Her best-selling book tells us a story in which her parents are in continuous search of hidden Egyptian crypts. Many believe that this crypt is mysterious and hidden in the vast desert of Sahara and that you disclose some hidden clues to reach this mysterious place. There are treasures hidden in the Egyptian crypt, to uncover this treasure, you have to gather clues. They were obsessed to reach the mysterious Egyptian and getting this treasure.

They have devoted all their precious time to getting this treasure at any cost. Both of them try to solve hidden clues in the Sahara desert. However, such expeditions have disappeared, and now they have been missing for one year. Jane has decided to reach her parents, and she is on a mission to solve all clues and reach the Egyptian crypt. She believes that Once she get Treasure, she will find her missing parents.


According to some superstitions, it was considered that a mermaid was the sign of bad luck, but this game opposed that superstition and made mermaids a sign of good fortune. Whenever mermaids appear from the ocean, you will get unlimited opportunities to get big wins. Users will find themselves in the ocean whenever they play games. At the start of each spin, the sticky wild symbol will move to a random position and will remain over there until the spinning will stop. If you will get a wild symbol with 1,2, and 3 numbers on it you can easily make substantial winnings



Step by step guidelines for playing the crypt of fortune game on your electronic devices 

  • Open the game on-site, once the game is loaded on-site, click on the continue button to play.
  • Before playing a game, familiarize yourself with all the rules and techniques used in winning games.
  • You can access a play table to know how much you will win on each chance.
  • Now set your gambling amount, and make the payment.
  • Once payment is completed, you can play this game.

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