Lou Hampers: Health Signs That Your Child Needs A Pediatrician Visit

The best way to tell if your child’s health is well is to watch their behavior and listen to what they say. However, sometimes it can be difficult to notice certain health signs that your child needs a trip to the pediatrician’s office.

For that matter, seasoned pediatrician Lou Hampers believes that is important for parents and caregivers of children under 18 years old to know what certain health symptoms indicate that their child needs medical attention from a pediatrician.

Your Child Has A Fever For More Than Three Days Or Doesn’t Respond To Treatment

First of all, a fever with high temperature can be caused by many things, including viruses and bacteria (such as strep throat). A fever itself isn’t harmful and doesn’t cause illness, as it’s actually a sign that your child’s immune system is working properly.

In this case, the most important thing to do when you notice your child has a fever is to call their pediatrician. Don’t give them any medication unless it has been prescribed by their physician, as this can cause more harm than good if the illness isn’t serious enough to require treatment with antibiotics or other drugs.

Your Child Is Vomiting After Taking A Prescribed Dosage

If your child is vomiting and does not stop within one hour after you have given the prescribed dosage of an over-the-counter medication, it’s time to call a pediatrician. Vomiting is a symptom of many common illnesses, but it can also be a sign of a serious illness like appendicitis or food poisoning, which needs immediate medical attention.

However, if your child is vomiting so much that they become dehydrated – where they have less than six hours’ worth of urine in their bladder, then they need to get emergency medical help because they could develop shock if not treated immediately.

A Rash Appears On Your Child’s Skin – And Does Not Respond To Home Treatment

A rash is a skin condition that appears as red or pink splotches on your child’s body, which could be caused by an allergic reaction or an underlying illness. If you have never seen such kind of rash before, consider taking your child to see her pediatrician – the cause could be something serious like eczema or psoriasis (or even chickenpox).

Insect bites can cause rashes if they become infected with bacteria from the insect’s mouthparts. However, most insect bites do not lead to infection unless they get into the blood vessels. If this happens and there are no other signs of illness, then call your pediatrician immediately so they can help relieve some discomfort.

Your Child Has A Sore Throat With No Earache, Fever, Or Cough

If your child has a sore throat, you may be wondering if it’s a symptom of something more serious. A sore throat can be caused by a virus (like the common cold) or bacterial infection. If your child has other symptoms like fever, ear pain, or cough, then it’s best to see the pediatrician right away.

Your Child Appears To Be Weak, Tired, Or Unusually Irritable

Finally, if your child isn’t eating well, sleeping well, or playing normally, this could be a sign of a certain illness. If they also seem irritable, weak, or tired (and you don’t know why), Lou Hampers suggests that it’s time to get them checked out by a pediatrician.

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