How To Charge Lithium Trolling Marine Batteries?

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Lithium trolling marine batteries are one of the most energy-efficient and lightweight trolling batteries. But they require to be charged because if charged they can go up to 5000 cycles in a day. The charging is important for these batteries as the way one charges decides the battery life. So, it’s important to know how to charge lithium trolling marine batteries the right way.

Let’s get through each of the essential things to keep in mind while charging.

Charge at the right time

The discharging processes would decide the level of performance that the battery would provide. The discharging process also tells when one would start recharging the batteries as pushed to a certain limit the battery would endure some damage to give a better performance. Thus, it’s essential to charge them at a certain limit. For example, the lead-acid batteries would reach their peak once it reaches the limit of 50% discharge it needs to be charged at this specific time otherwise they would cause damage to themselves.

Since lithium trolling marine batteries are more energy efficient the safe limit to plug-in charge is 80% drainage. So, try to plug in the charger at 80% drainage.

Use the right chargers

There are many chargers that one can use for lithium trolling marine batteries and most people use the charger used for the AGM batteries as they are a little cheaper than the charger for lithium trolling marine batteries. But this would affect the battery in the long run as the charger would endure some damage to the battery an effect it in the longer term.

The person would also not get the privilege of fast charging provided by lithium batteries. So, it’s better to spend a little more money and save both battery and charging time.

Charge at the right temperature

Even though lithium trolling marine batteries are most resilient to temperature it is usually advised not to keep the battery in extreme temperatures as it might endure a high amount on them if one allows the charge in this temperature. So, ideally, its recommended to keep charging their battery in tempura above the freezing point (0 degree Celsius) and below 50 degrees Celsius.

To be even more cautious buy batteries with cooler and heaters attached to them or buy a cooler and heater separately.

Choose the correct voltage chargers

Each battery is different voltages as each is used for different motors with varying powers. Similarly, the charger used to charge them is also different and so one had to pick the right voltage charger to recharge the battery. Otherwise, it would charge slowly and damage the battery in the longer run.

But the charger voltage selection is not the same as selecting the battery for the motor as there one needs the exact voltage battery as the motor. Here one had to buy a charger slightly above the voltage than the battery. For example, if one is using a 12-v battery it is better to use a charger of 14 volts.

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