How to buy Magic mushroom online

Select the correct strain of mushrooms

You have to decide the strain you want from various prevalent magic mushroom Gummies shop since there is a wide range of multiple strains that grow in the wild and indoors across the world. At the moment, there are over 60 known PsilocybeCubensis strains. It is important to note that all Psilocybin Cubensis strains are not cut from the same cloth. The most widespread strains include B+ Magic mushrooms, Golden Teacher and Amazonian.

The tripping and strength differ in each strain. Blue Meanies mushroom is suitable for you if you need to experience happy feelings and keep laughing. If you want to share spiritual strips and the warmest visual, you can try taking B+ magic mushrooms.

Select your trip experience

You have to decide the kind of trip you like. You have to familiarize yourself with trips produced by various magic mushroom strains. You need to research their effects and read other people’s reports. When you decide to buy magic mushrooms online, you need to know the kind of trip you wish to experience. There are five different mushrooms trip levels, and this depends on the dosage taken:

Level 1- You take a microdose between 0.05-0.25g; it enhances your general mood and increases your energy since it is mild and gentle.

Level 2- it is a mini-dose of 0.25-0.75g resulting in an increased flow state and motivation. Besides, it leads to clearer and connected things, and your senses become more enhanced.

Level 3- It is a museum dose between 0.5-1.5 grams of mushroom. It enhances mood, increases sensitivity to light, alters perception, introspection, and mild-to-moderate visual effects.

Level 4- it a moderate dose of between 2-3.5 grams of magic mushroom strain. It leads to life-changing philosophical or introspective insights. You find other mundane things exciting or funny, synesthesia.

Level 5- this is where you take a 5 gram and above. You experience strong hallucinations, intense feelings of wonder, and mystical experience. Besides, you may experience a total loss of reality, ego, logic and merge with an environment.

Consider the experience you want from the mushroom.

It does not matter if you have used magic mushrooms in the past. It is crucial to consider the experience when making online magic mushroom purchases. Psilocybin is active in all magic mushroom strains, but people report varying effects after taking different strains. If you are a beginner, ensure you choose a strain that cannot lead to severe impacts. Do not take strains used by people who have been consuming them for the most prolonged period.

Ensure you take mushroom that looks good

There are several things you have to look at when selecting mushrooms. Look at its color, size, the shape of the stem, and the cap. Ensure the mushroom has a whole cap; its stem is clean and should be lighter than the cap and should not be very dark unless that is how it should look. Besides, ensure you buy mushrooms from reliable sources since there are several online stores to buy from. Take time and do your research to make the right choice.

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