Get in the Game: What You Need to Know About Watching NFL Games On Reddit

The National Football League (NFL) is one of the most watched and followed sports leagues in the world. Fans around the globe always look forward to the thrill and excitement that comes with the games, but with the current pandemic situation, it’s been tough for fans to watch the games live in-person.  That’s where Reddit comes in. Reddit has become one of the best platforms to watch the NFL games live online. In this article, we’ll show you everything you need to know about nfl reddit streams.

1. Understanding Reddit

Before we dive into how to watch NFL games on Reddit, it’s important to understand what Reddit is. Reddit is a social news site where users can share news and other content they find interesting. Users submit links, images, or text posts, which are then voted on by other Reddit users. The most popular posts rise to the top of the page, while the less popular ones fall away. Reddit is an incredibly diverse platform and there are various subreddits that cater to different topics, including NFL and other sports.

2. Joining The NFL Subreddits

If you’re looking to watch NFL games on Reddit, you need to join the NFL subreddits. When you join these subreddits, you’ll find a lot of resources on how to watch games live for free. The subreddit r/nflstreams is one of the most popular resources for watching NFL games live for free. It’s always advisable to subscribe to the subreddit in case the moderators create a new subreddit in the future, or in case the moderators need to change the current subreddit’s name. There are also other NFL team-specific subreddits that you can join to get updates on your favorite teams.

3. Tools Needed For Watching Games Live

To watch NFL games live on Reddit, you need to have the right tools. There are different ways to watch games live online and most of them require a VPN. A VPN is a virtual private network that lets you access content that is restricted or blocked by geography. With a VPN, you can watch NFL games even if they are not available in your region. You can also use an internet protocol (IP) masking tool to hide your true location from your internet service provider (ISP) and prevent throttling.

4. Free And Paid Options

There are free and paid options for watching NFL games on Reddit. Some users will provide free links to stream the game while others charge for them. However, It’s important to note that using illegal streaming links is not advised and may result in legal consequences. Moreover, clicking on random links provided by other users can also be a security risk, as some links can contain malware and other harmful content. Paid options like NFL Game Pass and Sling TV provide a more secure and reliable way to watch NFL games online.

5. Best Times To Watch NFL Games Live On Reddit

Regular NFL season games usually begin on Thursdays and happen on Sundays and Mondays. Game days usually feature multiple games with staggered start times, with the highest profile games airing in the evening. However, it’s important to note that not all games are available for streaming on Reddit, which is why it’s important to follow the NFL forums and subreddit discussions to find out when and where you can watch specific games.


Watching NFL games on Reddit is a great way to enjoy all the thrills and excitement of the league. With the right tools, a VPN or IP masking tool, and an understanding of Reddit, fans can easily access multiple streams of games live on their devices. Whether you’re looking for free options or want to go for more reliable paid options, watching NFL games on Reddit offers something for everyone. So get ready to join the thousands of fans around the world who are enjoying the NFL action and experiencing the thrill of live streaming games on Reddit!

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