Can We Buy A Pledged Vehicle?

During your appointment for the purchase of a car, it is essential to find out about the administrative situation of it, find out why.


A car is said to be “pledged” when a creditor (bank, credit organization, etc.) has a guarantee on the said vehicle, preventing the owner from selling it until the lifting of the pledge. This is often the case for a buyer who has taken out a loan from his bank to buy a car; the banking organization can grant him on the condition that it is pledged until the repayment of the loan. The State can also pledge a vehicle; this is when the owner has debts to the Public Treasury (fines, taxes, etc.). The owner will then have to reimburse the sums to have the pledge lifted.

Buying A Pledged Car, Is It Possible?

When buying a used vehicle like car pledge Bangkok (รับจำนำรถ กรุงเทพ which is the term in Thai), you must make sure that the vehicle in question is not pledged, for the good and simple reason that if this is not the case, it will simply be impossible for you to buy it. This is why, during the transaction, the owner must give you, the buyer, a certificate of administrative status (known as non-pledge), dated less than 15 days, thus attesting that there is no opposition administrative for this vehicle.

If, however, you have acquired a car without knowing this document, and you realize that the vehicle is pledged, you can turn against your seller to cancel the sale or ensure that he settles his debts. To release the pledge. In this case, it is essential to send your letters to your seller by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt. Then, if the latter does not cooperate, you have the possibility of intervening by legal means.

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