Food trucks have fresh foods and are a more convenient way of having your guests served at your event. They are rather known as wheels and are getting more popular day by day. Several people get excited at the sight of food trucks. Food truck catering happens to have been in existence for over a decade now. and is still developing. However as much as they keep getting demanded by people, they have never had to break a bank for event providers.

It is safe to also say that it is not as expensive as the normal catering. There are certain things you need to take note of when making plans for your event. As soon as you understand the concept and all there is to put in mind, You would get addicted to food trucks.


The cost of catering with a food truck ranges depending on the number of your guests. There may be a discount as you get to a certain amount’. When you have to deal with pricing the amount for a food truck, The main structures in pricing are attendee pay, business guarantee, and catering. Catering is one of the popular when it comes to private events. The food truck is assigned as the caterer and then a menu is set for an estimated number of people. The attendees pay in large gatherings and events where you rent a food truck for a party.

The attendees of the events have to make their order and pay for more nth food. Just like they would in any other food truck stand. Most times the food truck gives a discount on the total money that is meant to be. For events where the attendees pay for their meal at the food truck, the catering services are likely to request a business guarantee.


In areas where the cost of food and ingredients is on the high side, the food trucks will not be left out. These catering services would undoubtedly charge high cause they also need to maintain and keep up with the profit margins.   For areas that are not so populated, the food trucks are likely to be situated far away from there. Most times the food trucks like to be situated in areas they are demanded and where they can be patronized. If you have them coming all the way, you would be charged for it.


Asides from the number of guests, the amount of food and drinks that would be supplied will also tell on the fee to be paid. For instance, the cost of just deserts will not be the same or as costly as providing sides, lunch, mains, and dinner. A food truck that has to offer services at a wedding or a ceremony, coupled with the logistics and other extras, would possibly have its price on the high side.

However, the prices will still not surpass the normal traditional catering we are used to. If they have to travel far distances, you would have to cover the cost of transportation.

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