Best Period Protection: Using period undies

Having your menstrual period on a monthly basis may be one of the most uncomfortable things to experience among every young and grown female out there. But this does not mean that you have to take certain steps to stop this condition, as this is a notable sign of good health, particularly of the reproductive system, where the menstrual process is happening.

Instead of taking steps in order to stop this monthly discomfort, it is best for you to make it a regular practice to take good care of your body and make great use of the most reliable and effective menstrual products to control and regulate the menstrual flow, as well as to prevent any leaks and stains from ruining your clothes.

Now when it comes to the products that are highly recommended to use, there is a type of underwear that you can use during periods, and this is one that you need to have every time you’re on your period.

Why You Should Use Period Undies

Using period undies is one of the most recommended things to do in case you have your monthly period. Sure, you got your ever-trusty sanitary pads and tampons to catch all the menstrual flow and prevent it from coming out and leaking through your clothes,  causing embarrassing and stubborn red stains as a result.

But there is still a strong tendency that your pads, or even your tampons, can fall short in fulfilling their duties every menstrual period. There may still be tendencies that leaks will happen, no matter what the brand or quality your pad or tampon may have. This is where the role of the most reliable period underwear comes in.

It is highly recommended that you use period underwear every time that you are having your monthly period. There are a number of benefits that you can get upon wearing one, whether with pads, tampons, or none.

Using period undies can prevent any instance of leaks or stains from coming out and causing damages to your clothes, not to mention can feel tremendously embarrassing. Other than that, using period underwear can also give out a feeling of great comfort to the wearer. Since this underwear is made of the most comfortable and non-allergic fabric material, this can feel great once you wear it, making you forget that you are even wearing a menstrual product.

Choosing The Right Ones

When it comes to using period underwear, you must know about the types of period underwear that you can buy, as well as the things that you need to look for in choosing the underwear that suits you.

Generally, there are two types of period underwear: absorbent period underwear and non-absorbent period underwear. The absorbent type is the one that can be used to completely replace pads and tampons, as this is made of layers of thick special fabrics.

The other type, non-absorbent underwear, is not made of some thick special material to absorb the menstrual flow like the absorbent one. But this is best used for menstrual discharge, light flow, spotting, or with the use of a  menstrual cup.

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