Benefits of a DEWA Approved Electrical Installation Company

Electrical Installations require the expertise of qualified electricians. If you are looking for a DEWA approved company, you have come to the right place. They will provide a comprehensive range of electrical services, including DEWA contracting, installation, and maintenance. DEWA approved electrical installation company, take care of all your electrical needs from start to finish.

Before starting any electrical work, you must first ensure that all wiring is approved by DEWA. This will enable you to get an electricity/water NOC. You can apply for this service through DEWA’s online portal. You must also have a copy of the approved TCL, MD, or SMDB schedule, and a copy of the NOC for the building’s landlord. The landlord’s NOC must be submitted in a prescribed format. The landlord must also have a plot plan showing the plot number.

The Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) is a public structure that was established in Jan. 1992. The company offers a full range of electrical services, including billing, customer metrics, and energy usage analysis. In addition to providing electricity, DEWA also provides sewerage and water services.

Check the License and References of a DEWA Licensed Company

Before hiring Electrical Solutions in Dubai, make sure that it holds a license to install and maintain in Dubai. Also, make sure that the company holds a valid Dubai work permit. If a company has a valid work permit, it will be listed in the government’s contractor database. To check that the contractor has a valid Dubai work permit, search the database online and look at the contractor’s details. The contractor’s details include: – Company name – Contact number – Contractor’s license No. – Contractor’s registration No. – Contractor’s work permit No.

Check the Company’s Work History and References

A good electrical installation company will have a good work history. The company should have completed a number of jobs in Dubai. Additionally, the contractor should have a number of references from past customers. While checking the contractor’s work history and references, be sure to ask the contractor about any and all past jobs. If the contractor is unable to provide you with references, walk away. If the contractor’s work history does not seem to be consistent with the jobs that the contractor is offering, walk away.

Inspect Equipment Before the Job Starts

Before the job starts, make sure that the electrical contractor inspects all the tools and equipment that will be used. If the equipment is not in good working condition, the electrical contractor should make sure that it is repaired before the job starts. If the electrical contractor is not able to inspect the equipment, walk away. Additionally, if the electrical contractor is not able to provide you an accurate estimate of the work required, walk away.

Use a Written Estimate Before contracting an electrical contractor

Electrical contractors should be able to provide an estimate of the work required. If the contractor charges you an hourly rate, make sure that the time estimate is based on an accurate clock or watch. If the estimator does not have a clock or watch, walk away. If the contractor does not provide you with a written estimate, walk away.

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