Are Business Needs Essential in IT Project Implementation?

It Projects within large organizations are often began as a result of some business need or business failing. There’s a inclination in organizations to find funding and approval for project implementation through proposals according to high-level small business. Usually proposals are attractive, inviting to look at and therefore are organized by means of an announcement of labor. They concentrate on the needs and objectives to become met and set focus on the persuasive factor of having the work approved using the intent of “selling the work.”

A typical approach would be to proceed using the project implementation according to “the answer only” by defining the needed sources, strategy, deliverables, timelines, and believed costs. The critical a part of documenting business needs is overlooked along with a brief listing of high level needs is placed to acquire funding and approval.

“The 3 significant reasons that the project will succeed are user participation, executive management support, along with a obvious statement of needs.” “Opinions about why projects are impaired and eventually cancelled rated incomplete needs and insufficient user participation towards the top of their email list.” Source the Sandish Group report: Chaos.

The primary goals of documented needs ought to be to deliver value, reduce cost and time, increase satisfaction and get success. In my opinion, the 3 integral aspects which are essential for the prosperity of projects, however that are frequently overlooked or otherwise detailed enough, are:

1. Benefits and business value:

People get off track from the project’s benefits and sponsors don’t invest in calculating and having the defined benefits. It’s very hard to achieve business value if there’s insufficient dedication to achieve the defined benefits. The advantage statements ought to be obvious, concise, and quantified.

2. Detailed business needs:

Documented needs are essential!!! To be able to align the solutions for delivery of economic value, the company needs should be taken and also the solution should be were able to meet them. For me business needs ought to be S.M.A.R.T., namely Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Results-focused and Time-bound. In addition the answer ought to be made to satisfy and adhere to organizations enterprise architecture.

3. Documented quality assurance processes:

The possible lack of detailed needs creates a massive problem for that Quality assurance team that’s expected to guarantee the excellence of the project in general. The standard assurance team will need the way to compare that which was delivered, as to the was needed. The greater detailed the needs are, including what’s the evidence of success, the much more likely quality might be achieved.

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