A Guide to Securely Reseting Your Ad Password

Forgetting your Active ad password resetcan be a frustrating experience for any user, especially if you need to access important files and data stored on your system. But, resetting your AD password is relatively straightforward, and you can do it in a few easy steps. First, you will need to log in to the network using administrative credentials. This will allow you to access the AD and reset your password. Once logged in, you will need to find the user with the forgotten password. You can do this by searching for the user’s name or ID in Active Directory Users and Computers (ADUC).

After locating the user, you should right-click on their account and choose Reset Password. This will open up a window where you can enter a new password for the user. Make sure to create a strong password that is not easy to guess, but memorable enough so that the user won’t forget it again. In this blog post, we’ll guide you on how to reset your AD password step by step. So, let’s get started!

Press the Ctrl, Alt, and Delete keys simultaneously when you’re logged in.

The first step in resetting your AD password is to press the Ctrl, Alt, and Delete keys simultaneously when logged in to your system. Once you do this, a screen will appear with a few options to choose from.

Click “Change Password” option, and you will be presented with the password reset screen.

On the screen that appears, click the “Change Password” button. This will take you to the password reset screen, where you can create a new password for your AD account.

Enter your old password and new password in the respective fields.

After clicking “Change Password,” the next screen will ask you to enter your current or old password. Then you’ll be prompted to enter a new password in the adjacent fields. Here, make sure that you use a password that is strong, unique, and that you’ll remember easily.

Confirm your new password

Once you’ve entered the new password, confirm it in the other field provided to ensure that you’ve entered the same password twice.

Save and Apply your new password

Hit the Enter key or click the “Change Password” button again to complete the process. It will take a few seconds for the system to save your new password, but once complete, you can now log in with your new credentials.

That’s it! Resetting your AD password is easy if you follow these simple steps. Remember to use a password that is strong enough and easy to remember. After resetting your password, make sure to log out of any other systems, apps, or services that use the same password, and replace them with your new password. If you still encounter any difficulties, or for additional support reach out to your system Administrator. Regular password reset is just as important as creating complex passwords to keep your system secure, so keep this in mind, and do it whenever necessary.

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