9 Interesting Places to Live in The Island State Hawaii

Out of the many states of the United States, Hawaii is undoubtedly the most interesting one. Hawaii being the state of islands includes over twenty islands in the North Pacific Ocean. If you are someone, who loves the sea, the saltwater, beaches and sand, then Hawaii is the best place, the best American state for you to live. 

In today’s article, you will discover 9 exciting places within the state of Hawaii for you to shift and settle down comfortably and happily call your home. While you are migrating to this new state, are you considering shipping a car to Hawaii, as well? Then, knowing about Ship a Car, Inc. is important to you. They are the number 1 best player in this industry.

Okay, let us now jump right into the list of the best places to live in Hawaii. 

  1. East Honolulu – East Honolulu is the place that has the maximum livability ranking in the state. It stands at 29th rank in the nation. This is because of lower crime rates, higher graduation rates, and it has lots of local amenities and a stable housing market.
  2. Paia – This town is located on Maui’s North Shore, Paia has recently been designated as the “happiest beach town in America,” This small, eccentric, artsy town is awesome for anyone who wants a true Hawaii and the town is a paradise for artists, surfers, and wind sport enthusiasts.
  3. Haleiwa – this town is located on Oahu’s north shore, as the gateway for many gorgeous beaches and killer surfing in the winter season. The quaint town is filled with shave ice stands, souvenir shops, restaurants, and surfing retailers. Huge waves attract People from around the globe during surf season.
  4. Hanalei – one of the best surf towns in the world, this town is located on Kauai’s north shore and is an all-skill level surfer’s paradise. Remember to be careful, as some of the waves act is not nice for visitors. So, ask the locals or lifeguards for help if you think that the waves on a place are rough.
  5. Mililani Town – this town has a stable housing market, sunny weather, and a low crime rate and beaches nearby. 
  6. Kailua-Kona – This beachside town has a low annual rainfall making it a perfect place for golf lovers and some nice stellar views, and beautiful towering palm trees
  7. Mahaweli – this town is an extremely safe place with the lowest crime rates in the nation, and very quiet and pleasant place to live.
  8. Honolulu – Honolulu has an awesome art and cultural scene, with excellent recreation options, and is the main city of Hawaii if you want to go further with your career, or start a new one this is the place to do it.
  9. Kailua – this tow is Located near some of the most beautiful beaches of the island, the town is also perfect for great hiking, and has an old town feel.

Let us know which place or city you would pick if you choose to live in Hawaii and tell us why you like it the most.

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