5 positions of baccarat at จีคลับ


Certainly, every gambler who has spent 4 months or more in the gambling industry has heard about the game, baccarat. The game is so famous that you can easily recognize it on high platforms of gambling. จีคลับ, one among the best gambling site currently on the internet has baccarat for you. In the below article, we will explain to you the 5 positions of baccarat, on which you can bet at จีคลับ.

Baccarat at จีคลับ

Baccarat may not be a well-known game in the whole world, but in the parts of Asia where gambling takes place on high levels, baccarat is one of the most played games. The game is played with the help of our usual cards. In baccarat, rewards can be earned easily if you are a master of cards meaning, it is an advantage for the professional of card games. With จีคลับ, the live broadcast of the casino will make you feel as if you are at the casino, playing with your own hands. There are 6 tables for baccarat on the website. You can pick the table as per your will and the site also has insurance for tables A and B.

Betting on 5 positions in baccarat at จีคลับ

There are 5 positions in options for the player to choose from. If you wish to bet on all the positions, go for it but make sure you do not take an extraordinary step in mere overconfidence.  While on the other hand, if you would like to stay betting on only one position, maybe if you feel full confidence in it then you can do that too. Following are the 5 positions for betting in baccarat at จีคลับ:

  1. Banker – in bankers bet, you will bet for the banker’s card to arrive with a higher number of cards than the player’s. If the number of cards by the player’s side is more in counting, then it is automatically your loss.
  2. Player – in this bet, it is the reverse idea for bankers. You will bet for the player’s corner to have a bigger number of cards than the banker’s side.
  3. Tie – well, this bet is kinda risky. You will have to bet that both the sides, banker’s and player’s will have the same number of cards. Even, If the difference is only one card, you will still lose.
  4. Banker pair – here you will bet your money for the first 2 cards of the banker’s side to have the same face.
  5. Player’s pair – in this position, you are asked to bet on the first 2 cards of the player’s side, that they will have the exact face. If not, then you lose.

Customer service for baccarat

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